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What occurs if the batteries of locker drain out

What occurs if the batteries of locker drain out

One of the vastly widespread beliefs about electronic lockers and safety closets is that they will no longer be able to open them if the batteries run out. Also in this case the difference is given by the quality of the product. In fact, a good safety cabinet warns of the approaching exhaustion of the batteries well in advance, allowing them to be replaced well before they are completely discharged cam locks.

One of the characteristics of well-designed and built electronic safety cabinets is also that the consumption of the batteries occurs in a constant and gradual way , thus avoiding the unpleasant situation in which, until the day before the warning, the batteries seemed charged and, a few days after that, the closet no longer opens.

Finally, a quality cabinet has a low energy consumption , so that the batteries are rarely replaced. Viro safety cabinets, for example, are able to perform up to 10,000 operations with the same batteries before discharging them.

Despite everything it can still happen, especially if the cabinet is used very rarely, that the batteries run out without the user having had time to replace them. This is why the electronic safety cabinets are equipped with an emergency key that allows them to be opened even with flat batteries. Since it must only be used in cases of actual emergency, this key does not pose any particular safety problems, because it can also be kept in a place other than the one where the cabinet is located (the important thing is not to keep it inside the cabinet itself! ) .