PCB Design and Development Company in Singapore

PCB Design and Development Company in Singapore

The pcb design and development company is the industry’s leading PCB design and manufacturing firm. They work with start-ups, large-scale corporations, and everything in between. With years of experience in a reputation for innovative thinking, reliable results, and unmatched efficiency, they help kickstart any project or take existing designs to the next level.

Promax Technology Integration Specialised Services –

  • Get quick PCBs – As a leading company, it specializes in delivering fast PCB services within the quoted time. Whether one needs rapid PCB prototyping or any other PCB-related services, Promax technology integration provides high-quality printed circuit boards at reasonable pricing.
  • PCB prototypes- Promax is the perfect stop for testing prototypes in building the desired PCBs. It can conduct R&D of innovative products, including Internet of Things, Deep-Tech and security systems, finally delivering printed circuit boards based on the approved prototypes.
  • Multilayer PCBs – Promax can deliver all types of printed circuit boards ranging from 1 to 24 layers of PCBs. However, the manufacturing time depends upon the complexity and quantity of the boards concerning their mentioned requirements.
  • PCB Fabrication – Promax offers PCB fabrication at a competitive price that suits one’s desired specifications. They have a team of expert engineers and technicians who deal with every aspect of production and deliver the final products with the highest quality.

Promax Technology Integration offers outstanding PCB design and development services in Singapore. They are a full-service PCB manufacturer and service provider. In addition, their PCB fabrication services offer advanced customization that suits the requirements and price without compromising the quality.

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